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Alan Howe

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“I began my journey into the photography business a little bewildered and to be honest clueless with regards to the business / marketing side of things. Luckily I came across Dan Waters and Get Pro Photo Club. It is here that I found a gold mine of information, mentoring and companionship through my journey.

I have recently embarked on my first FB advertising campaign which has so far gone extremely well all thanks to GPPC’s fantastic webinars and guidance.

In addition to the above I have also created my first successful wedding album after watching a webinar dedicated to this subject and I am so happy with the results. I can’t recommend Get Pro Photo Club enough for their mentoring. Thanks guys.”

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Donna Green

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“I’ve been a member for a year or so and feel very fortunate to have found this club and this system. I’m just getting off the ground at the moment after having spent a long time learning, researching, planning etc, and I’ve learned a LOT from Dan.

Originally, the biggest compelling reasons for me joining were that Dan is still a working photographer who is obviously doing really well in his own business, and that he’s here in the UK. I knew that I was coming from a position of zero knowledge, so it was vital for me to learn from someone who was visibly “walking his talk” – I’d been involved in various US photography business learning systems before I encountered Get Pro Photo Club but they never quite fitted for me as they were always created by ex rather than current photographers. I was never completely comfortable with not being able to see how their systems worked in practice as they were no longer working photographers, plus the American market IS different from the UK in some ways. So right from the start, Get Pro Photo Club was something different as far as I was concerned.”

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Dan Biggins

“I’ve taken my foot off the pedal for the last few weeks and it feels good…poured my heart and soul into various marketing efforts over the past couple of years with very little return, so have become a bit disillusioned with it all.

However, recently listened to Dan Waters podcast and may well have discovered my mojo again.

I WILL have a full time wedding and portrait photography business, even if it kills me (and at this rate, it might…)!!”

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Donna Loring

“Dan has loads of valuable knowledge to share about having a profitable photography business.

He goes through everything in detail and shares the step-by-step instructions to carry out his advice.

He is very active in the group and answers every query personally. I like how his advice is down to earth, he understands the realities of working in a low-income market and shows how it can still work.

I have applied a number of his strategies to my own business and gained new clients as a result.”

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